Ana Navarro to Join Joy Reid for #BlogHer17 Friday Welcome Keynote

Over the past year I have found many new sources to follow online as I obsessively follow the news. Perhaps my favorite has been CNN, ABC, and Telemundo analyst and Republican strategist, Ana Navarro....more

Yasmeen Hassan and Maria Bello to Discuss the State of Women and Girls at #BlogHer17

The announcements are coming fast and furious now with four weeks to go, and we are gratified to bring an important conversation to the #BlogHer17 stage to examine the state of women and girls around the world, with two women who are focused on improving that state. We’re taking the conversation significantly more international with a dynamic pair of global activists who will take the main stage on Saturday afternoon....more

How to Instagram Your Way Through #BlogHer17

The benefits of attending a BlogHer conference are many, but one of the very best is this: People "get" your social media obsession. Phones are in hand (or in faces) more often than not, and it's not unusual to nod understandingly when someone says, "Keep talking; I just need to post this picture before I forget my caption."...more

#BlogHer17: BlogHer and Sponsored Bloggers: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Back in 2009, it became noticeable that some attendees were being sponsored by companies to represent them at BlogHer conferences. We created the following guidelines for those attendees with personal sponsors, based on feedback from the community, in order to ensure a pleasant experience for all conference attendees. We update these guidelines every year to account for new questions and the evolution of our business. [These guidelines have been updated as of May 5, 2017.]...more

#BlogHer17 Newbie Breakfast

Hello Newbies!Welcome to #BlogHer17, we are excited to have you with us and know that attending a conference for the first time can be a) intimidating, b) scary, c) exciting, d) all of the above, so we offer something different for our first-timers…the Newbie Breakfast.This breakfast is intended to orient our first-time attendees at the conference, and hopefully set and manage some expectations.  We will walk you through the agenda, discuss our sponsors and how to engage with them and as a special treat we have invited Jacqueline M. Baker to host....more

#BlogHer17 Welcomes Inspiring Makers & Creators Zerlina Maxwell and Amy Ziering as Closing Keynote

I’m happy to reveal today that #BlogHer17 will close out with a keynote panel discussion that explores the life of independent makers and creators – how they integrate making media, making a change, making an impact, and making a living.We’ve lined up some impressive, dare I say bad-ass, women to lay their cards on the table, starting with these two and more to come. ...more

Childcare Options at #BlogHer17

Orlando is a fun and family-focused destination, and many of you have decided to add a getaway either before or after your #BlogHer17 experience. While the conference itself does not have an official childcare provider, there are options available to you during your stay at the Hilton Bonnet Creek....more

Announcing the #BlogHer17 Voices of the Year Honorees

One of our favorite days of the year is here and we couldn't be more excited! We are thrilled to unveil the #BlogHer17 Voices of the Year honorees.  For ten years, Voices of the Year (or #VOTY as we lovingly refer to it) has been the heart and soul of the #BlogHer conference.  The brilliant work created by you - our community - overwhelms us with its beauty, laughter, and impact on the world outside the internet.  You shared your stories, pictures, and videos about life in this rapidly changing world we live in, and we heard you.  Loud and clear....more

The Food Track at #BlogHer17 is Here, and It’s Delicious!

When we decided to roll our food programming and community back into our annual event it was because food is one of our most important categories, and not having it represented at annual felt like we were missing a limb....more

Keynote Announcement: Carla Hall to Join Us at #BlogHer17

Some of you may remember that Carla Hall, co-host of ABC’s “The Chew”, restaurateur, cookbook author, and beloved “Top Chef” competitor, joined us last Fall in Austin for #BlogHerFood16. She moderated a wonderful keynote discussion about how long it takes to achieve “overnight” success (a theme we will be re-visiting at #BlogHer17 with our keynote speaker Luvvie Ajayi, by the way). Carla was an awesome moderator…to a fault. really, because I know I was hungry to hear more from her than time allowed....more