#BlogHer17 Newbie Breakfast

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Hello Newbies!

Welcome to #BlogHer17, we are excited to have you with us and know that attending a conference for the first time can be a) intimidating, b) scary, c) exciting, d) all of the above, so we offer something different for our first-timers…the Newbie Breakfast.

This breakfast is intended to orient our first-time attendees at the conference, and hopefully set and manage some expectations.  We will walk you through the agenda, discuss our sponsors and how to engage with them and as a special treat we have invited Jacqueline M. Baker to host.


As an entrepreneur, author and connoisseur of hosting and entertaining, Jacqueline M. Baker is a leader in etiquette and protocol in the role of founder and principal consultant at Scarlet Communications. 

Jacqueline uses her expertise to ensure that individuals and organizations were equipped with modern etiquette to increase confidence, ensure preparedness, and grow relationships and careers.

Her new book, Leader By Mistake, provides leadership refinement tools by using personal and professional mistakes as a way to channel and identify growth and opportunities.

At the Newbie Breakfast, Jacqueline will help you prepare for the 2.5 days of #BlogHer17 with tips and advice on how to make the most of your experience.

When asked for her expert tip, Jacqueline said, “Etiquette: your secret weapon to go from where you are to where you want to be.”

Join us Friday morning, June 23 at 7:30 a.m. - see you there!  Register here and reserve your spot.

 Lori Luna
general manager, events


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